About Me

I used to be very active when I was younger.
I used to workout, swim, compete in jiu jitsu and running, and was overall a very active person.

Then life happened, with kids and family life, work and career.
I had less and less time to work out, and the less I worked out the more tired I got.
My body spent more time sitting down than moving, and the numbers on the scale went higher and higher.

One day I looked myself in the mirror and realized I had let my body go way to far, so I decided to make a change.

It´s not easy to start over when you’re not young and virile anymore, but my will was stronger than I thought.
Now I’m on my way to the body and health I want to have.
I still have some hard work to do, but I’m getting there, and my energy is getting boosted every time I workout.

If I can get my overweight middle-aged body in shape… so can you.

So go for it! You can do it!


Why this site?

When I first went back to working out, I tried to do it without any help or equipment. That didn’t do it for me. I needed vitamins. I needed extra protein. I needed small training tools to use at home when I wasn’t at the gym. I needed training clothes and water bottles. And above all I needed information how to workout in a beneficial way and also increase my knowledge about nutrients and eating right. In order to find everything I had to visit a bunch of different stores and websites, and they were all focused on either beginners or professionals.

That’s when the idea was born of a site where you can get a hold of whatever you need whether you are a beginner or professional, woman or man, young or old. A portal to different places to make sure you reach what you want.


So here it is!

Pump Your Abs will not make you fit and muscular. It will not drag you to the gym or yoga class and make you sweat.
But hopefully the site will make it a little easier to find what you need on your way to a better shape and health.

I wish you all the luck on your journey!

/Marie Hedem

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